Investing in real estate and developing other business solutions

We focus on long-term investments in assets and real estate. For people who need to sell their property fast, we offer fast purchase of apartments and land in Bratislava and its surroundings.

About us

"Building transparent relationships and long-term partnerships"

We are a dynamic investment company who have been operating in the Slovak investment and real estate market since 2012. We put great emphasis on reliability, dynamism and flexibility, which is also reflected in our activities.

Besides the real estate market and the purchase of apartments, we are developing various projects in the business area. Our vision is a world in which our clients' interests blend in with ours, where long-term partnerships and transparent business relationships are built. The merit of our success is mutual prosperity and satisfaction.

Our values

Transparent business relationships

Our priority is our prospective investment, in which we try to build long-term relationships with a transparent and fair approach.

Professional approach and trust

Experience and knowledge of the market make us professionals in real estate, finance and legal services. When buying real estate, we also think of discretion towards clients.

Mutual satisfaction

We consider main measure of success when the outcome of our work is beneficial to both us and our clients.

What we do

Purchase and sale of real estate

For those who need to accelerate or shorten the sale of real estate, we provide discrete and quick purchase of apartments and land in Bratislava and its surroundings. We will arrange for the sale of real estates, documentation, we will give you your own real estate broker and we will publish the offer in our real estate portals.

Business solutions

We provide brokerage in business, manufacturing and services. We also focus on marketing, photographic and computer services, factoring, forfaiting and administration services. We also offer rental of movable things and advice for other entrepreneurs.


Income Investments s.r.o.
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841 04 Bratislava IV
Slovenská Republika


Company no.: 46 940 090
VAT no.: SK 20 236 734 76